Why Online Cannabis Is Good For PTSD

Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often use online cannabis as medicine (PTSD). 

There is enough solid proof out there that marijuana is good for PTSD.

It is often a qualifying condition for medical programs in many states.

But why does cannabis help PTSD so much?

How does it work with the brain and body to prevent this kind of anxiety?

In this article, we’ll learn more about PTSD and the studies that show how cannabis has helped people with it.

Ultimately, we’ll tell people new to cannabis for PTSD what their best options are.

How does PTSD affect you and what is it?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a type of anxiety that can happen after someone goes through something shocking, scary, or dangerous.

Most people get over traumatic events.

And their anxiety symptoms only last as long as the event and maybe a little longer.

People with PTSD, on the other hand, can’t get rid of these signs.

Sometimes symptoms start soon after a traumatic event (within three months).

And sometimes they start a long time after (1 year afterward).

Regardless of whether the scary thing happened many years ago.

PTSD symptoms often include vivid flashbacks and scary dreams about it.

But from a clinical point of view, PTSD symptoms can be put into four different groups: 

Re-Experiencing Symptoms

This includes things like flashbacks, bad dreams, or scary thoughts.

Avoidance symptoms are staying away from places, events, or things that remind you of the traumatic event.

Symptoms of arousal and reactivity include feeling on edge and getting startled easily.

  • Having trouble sleeping and having angry outbursts.
  • Cognition and mood symptoms include having bad thoughts about yourself or the world.
  • Feeling guilty or at fault, losing interest in things you used to enjoy. 
  • And having trouble remembering important details about a traumatic event.

There is often something that sets off PTSD symptoms.

For example, if you were in a car accident and a red car hit you, you might be afraid of red cars in the future.

Also, it’s hard to figure out what counts as a traumatic event and what doesn’t.

This is because everyone reacts differently to trauma, so what is traumatic for one person might not be for another.

This means that many people are being treated for it when they might have another type of anxiety.

How does fear affect the brain and the rest of the body?

The fight-or-flight response is what most of us do when we first feel scared.

When our brain and body decide to fight or run away from something, that makes us feel threatened.

We might see the following changes as a result of this response:

  • peripheral blood vessels that are too narrow
  • The blood vessels around our vital organs get bigger.
  • a faster rate of breathing
  • Tightness in muscles (may cause goosebumps)
  • Fast heart rate

This response starts in the amygdala, a group of nerve cells in the limbic system.

There, its amygdala transmits a signal to the hypothalamus.

Which then tells the pituitary gland in our nervous system to start working.

This makes the rest of our body react with hormones or endocrine changes.

Through these carefully planned events, we get adrenaline that makes us either fight or runs away.

This adrenaline is the only thing that makes our body react in the way I just described.

This reaction gives us a better chance against things that could hurt us.

All living things have used this reaction to stay alive over time.

Unfortunately, some people have this reaction even when there isn’t anything to fear.

People with PTSD often do this.

Even if there is a reason for the reaction, like the red car in the example above, this reason is usually not a good one.

How does online cannabis affect the way we feel scared?

For PTSD symptoms to go away, it’s important to lessen this physical response.

Online Cannabinoids stores (Buy best Buds) sell tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

On the other hand, it may be very important to do just that.

When cannabis is used, the cannabinoids in plants, called phytocannabinoids, work directly with the cannabinoids in the body (called endocannabinoids).

In particular, THC binds to CB1 receptors.

Which have been found in the amygdala, which is where our fear response starts.

Since buying THC online targets the same receptors, it “signals’ emotional response in the rest of our body, making us feel less anxious or more paranoid.

What kind of reaction you have depends on many things.

Like how much cannabis you take and what kind of person you are.

This is why cannabis can make some people feel anxious while making others feel better.

But it’s important to remember that this process needs more research to understand fully.

Most researchers agree that THC can make you feel less anxious if you take it in small amounts.

Some studies have shown that THC can be useful as a medicine even when it doesn’t make people feel high.

Some people prefer to treat PTSD with online cannabinoids for sale that don’t make people high.

Like CBD, cannabigerol (CBG), or cannabinol (CBN).

In particular, CBD can help keep our endocannabinoid system in check (ECS).

The ECS is a network of chemical signals and cellular receptors responsible for several body functions.

Such as learning and memory, processing emotions, controlling pain, and sleeping.

Studies on the link between PTSD and marijuana

A recent study found that PTSD is a qualifying condition for one-third of the people who use medical marijuana in states where it’s legal.

This makes PTSD a very important condition for cannabis.

But because there hasn’t been enough research on cannabis and PTSD.

We can’t say for sure if it helps or not (or is harmful). We know the following as of right now:

Some research shows that cheap weed online may help lessen the effects of a traumatic event right after it happens.

A 2016 study found that drugs that interact with the ECS, like THC and CBD, may help to ease the symptoms of PTSD.

In 2016, researchers found that CBD was put on the skin.

It helped children with PTSD feel less anxious and sleep better.

A 2019 study found that people with PTSD felt better when they took CBD capsules and traditional psychotherapy.

A 2018 review of the research showed that THC online and CBD together were better at treating PTSD.

Forbes says that two new studies show that phytocannabinoids can reduce activity in the amygdala and even help erase memories of bad things that happened.

What kinds of online cannabis help PTSD the most?

Based on the research we’ve done.

CBD products have been some of the most effective ways to reduce symptoms.

This is likely because it doesn’t cause psychoactivity, so there’s no chance of it making people paranoid.

If you want to try CBD, visit Buy Best Buds. 

We recommend ingestibles like Jolly Rancher GummiesSWEETARTS ROPE BITESWonka Edibles (Grape) gummies, and other edibles.

Because they tend to work the best and last the longest (around 6 hours).

These are more likely to help people who want to reduce their PTSD symptoms during the day.

But if you would rather try THC, you should smoke the Indica flower at night.

People often get sleepy after using Indica.

And people who have trouble sleeping have found it helpful. Some research also suggests that it might be able to help stop nightmares.


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