Raw Garden Gaviota Mist: How To Tell Real One

Raw Garden Gaviota Mist: How To Tell Real One

Raw Garden Gaviota Mist wants to reach a higher level. It’s for when you want to try more things. Do more. Celebrate more. Get more rest.

Pure cannabis flowers are useful to make our products. Raw Garden has become the most trustable and best-selling brand in Cannabis. It is because their products taste great and meet the highest quality standards.

Marijuana buds with marijuana joints and Cannabis oil

All of the components of Raw Garden‘s Refined Living Resin THC Vape Cartridges are derived from cannabis; there are no added chemicals, flavors, or fillers. Made from cannabis flower grown in Central California by Raw Garden using only organic and Clean Green-certified farming methods. The flower is Cryogenically Flash-Frozen as soon as it is picked. These cartridges have a high concentration of THC and retain all the original flavors, smells, and terpenes of the premium flower used in their production.

Counterfeit Raw Garden Gaviota Mist You Should Note

It seems inevitable that fake versions of all famous brands will be available in the market at some point when you dig on the internet to buy weed online. Raw Garden is a brand we’ve written about before and liked so much that we had to put it on our list of the best live resin cartridges. We’re not the only ones who like Raw Garden, so it was only a matter of time before fakes appeared.

Raw Garden is one of the best places to get live resin. And they use fresh-frozen flowers from a single source. Plus, their products pass clean tests.

How to tell the real Raw Garden from a fake

Raw Garden cartridges purchased from a dispensary will feature the customary seals and stickers, such as the expiration date, dispensary license, and QR code for access to test results. 

Raw Garden only sells in California, where it is has the license to do so. If you bought it outside of California, it’s probably fake, unless someone went to a lot of trouble to get it to you illegally.


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