Zig Zag – Rolling Paper 1 1/4″

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Zig Zag - Rolling Paper 1 1/4"


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If you want to enjoy the fun of rolling your own cigarettes, you must have the right rolling papers. Zig Zag – Rolling Paper 1 1/4 have been a choice of people who like to roll for more than a hundred years. These papers are popular for their consistent quality. They burn evenly and smoothly, so smokers can fully enjoy the taste of their tobacco or herbs. The Zig Zag 1 1/4′′ Rolling Paper is no different. Further, these papers are made with care from a mix of natural fibers, which makes sure that smoking is clean and fun.

How to use a rolling paper?

Using Zig Zag – Rolling Paper 1 1/4′′ is easy. Also you can make your own cigarettes or joints with little trouble. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Zig Zag – Rolling Paper 1 1/4′′ correctly:

Get your rolling station ready.

  • Make sure the surface you work on is clean and flat.
  • Get everything you need, like your Zig Zag – Rolling Paper 1 1/4′′, tobacco or herbs, and a grinder if you need one.
  • You can use a rolling tray or a piece of paper to catch any tobacco or herbs that fall out of the roll.

If you need to, grind your tobacco or herbs.

  • If you’re using raw tobacco or herbs, use a grinder to make them the right size. 
  • Make sure the grind is neither too fine nor too coarse. You want an appropriate texture that lets the coffee burn evenly.

Fill the rolling paper with tobacco.

  • Hold the Zig Zag – Rolling Paper 1 1/4′′ between your fingers with the glue strip facing you. Spread a pinch of ground tobacco or herbs equally from one end to the other along the length of the paper. Be careful not to overfill, because that could make it hard to roll.

Shape and Roll

  • Roll the paper back and forth gently with your thumbs and middle fingers to make a cylinder out of the tobacco or herbs. Once the stuffing is evenly spread out and in the right shape, tuck the edge closest to you under the material. Further, start rolling the paper between your fingers and guide the process with your hands.
  • Keep rolling the paper until the glue strip is the only part that isn’t rolled.

Seal and Complete

  • Use your mouth or a damp cloth to moisten the glue strip just enough to make it sticky. Carefully press the strip of glue onto the part of the paper that is rolled up, just enough to keep it in place. Smooth out any folds or bumps in the paper to make sure the roll is tight and even.

Take pleasure in your rolled cigarette or joint.

  • Let the rolled cigarette or joint dry for a moment before lighting it. Once it’s dry, you can light the open end with a flame and enjoy your work.

What You Can Do With Zig Zag Rolling Paper1 1/4′′

Zig Zag – Rolling Paper1 1/4′′ can be useful for both smoking tobacco and smoking herbs. Some of the most popular uses are:

  • Rolling Cigarettes
  • Rolling joints and trying out different tastes

Benefits Of Rolling Paper

  • Size and quality are perfect
  • Wide Availability

Effects of smoking rolling papers

Even though Zig Zag – Rolling Paper1 1/4′′ doesn’t have any side effects by itself, it’s important to think about the health risks that come with smoking in general. Among these risks are:

  • Concerns about health, addiction, secondhand smoke, and fire risk
  • To reduce the risks and side effects of smoking, it’s best to use rolling papers in a responsible way and know what the rules are in your area.


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