Trolli Sour Bite Crawler

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Trolli Sour Bite Crawler


Trolli® Sour Brite Crawlers® are a customer favorite. These bright, wriggly candy worms offer your customers a deliciously fruity flavor in a fun gummy shape, complete with a dusting of sour sugar to make their eyes water. Packaged in eye-catching peg bags which will attract attention at your point of sale.

Trolli Sour Brite Crawler (Fruit Punch) is your classic Trolli fruit punch flavor–with a lip-smacking sweetly sour gummy worm.  

The high-dose edibles market is niche, but the customers who frequent dispensaries to stock up on these products are dedicated. People with serious illnesses like cancer and other diseases that make people weak, as well as people with terrible, long-term pain, are not a surprise among these customers. Many budtenders say that people who have trouble sleeping or are looking for sleep aids are regular customers of pot dispensaries.

These fruit punch trolli are gummy worms that come in different tastes and have a sugary coating that makes your tongue twist. Every bite has just the right amount of both sweet and sour. Plus, fruit punch trolli have a very strong effect, so you’ll definitely gain from them.

How does Trolli Sour Bite Crawler make you feel?

THC is what makes you feel high when you smoke marijuana. Most people get high from it, but what kind of high they get and how strong it is depends on how much they take.

If you only drink a little or a little bit, you don’t feel drunk. THC helps you relax, lowers your physical and mental stress, and makes it easier for you to focus and learn.

You get high when you take more. The way you see the world also changes how you think about it. At this point, you may notice that your appetite has grown, you’re laughing more, and your emotions are more intense.

However, its duality can become apparent after consuming a large quantity of fruit punch trolli. Even though it’s not normally dangerous to consume too many trolli fruit punch. No one has ever died from it, but it can be very painful. CBD should always be on hand if you plan to eat a lot of edibles. This is since it can lessen the effects of a trolli fruit punch.


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