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Syringe - King Louis XIII


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Using the syringe is the ultimate way to maximize your experience with King Louis XIII which belongs to the popular indica strain. Using the syringe, you are guaranteed of getting the right dose so you can enjoy the piney smell that comes with some earthy notes of musk. The right dose of this indica, with the help of the syringe, will surely remind you of your most enjoyable forest experience.

King Louis XIII is a popular marijuana strain whose name comes from the French king. It is a common Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has become more famous among people who like cannabis.

How does it work?

Concentrated THC syringes are often used for dosing and giving cannabis concentrates like oils or extracts. Here’s a quick recap of what happens:

To make these cannabis concentrates, the necessary cannabinoids and terpenes are ty pically from the plant material. 

To use the syringe, first take off the cap or seal. Then, gently press the plunger to give the right amount of concentrate.


It is important to start with a small dose and gradually increase it as THC levels rise. Remember these general rules:

  • Start slowly and gradually. If you’re new to cannabis extracts or have a low tolerance, start with a small dose. 
  • Focus on your body. If you feel calm and the side effects are manageable, slowly increase the dose in small amounts until you get the desired effect.

Benefits Of King Louis XIII:

Benefits of buying THC concentrates online

  • Cannabis concentrates usually have more cannabinoids, like THC or CBD, than regular cannabis leaves. Because they are more powerful, the effects of concentrates may be more noticeable and happen more quickly. Also, this could be good for people who are looking for intense therapeutic or recreational experiences.
  • Concentrates allow for exact dosing because they are often measured in milligrams of cannabis. This is especially helpful for people who need exact and consistent dosages for medical reasons.

Side Effects Of King Louis XIII:

The effects of Concentrates for sale change from person to person. But here are some of the most common negative effects:

  • Cannabis has the potential to slow down thinking and vision, which can lead to problems with short-term memory, trouble focusing, and slower reaction times. 
  • Both the mouth and the eyes are dry.
  • Higher heart rate and blood pressure.

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