Rolling Up Badder – Sour OG 1g

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Rolling Up Badder - Sour OG 1g


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The Sour OG badder which is popular for the specific purpose of increasing appetite is a sativa dominant hybrid. Similar to a sour punch, this smells sour in its impressive buttery texture that looks perfect in its clear white and yellow combination. With a dab stick, a dot size of the Sour OG badder brings out a euphoric journey unto having an increased appetite. This specific feature makes it a favorite for those who aim to increase their food intake for health purposes.

2 reviews for Rolling Up Badder – Sour OG 1g

  1. Joey (verified owner)

    Not bad.. Thre is a delay of the shipping but they give us free pre rolls + free shipping.. We will order more soon..

  2. Bourke (verified owner)

    Got this on sale buy 2 take 1.. Love it. Thanks BuyBestBuds. The Best

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