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Although it tends toward the Indica side of the hybrid spectrum, Push Blue Widow is a well-balanced plant. The strain was made by Dinafem by mixing White Widow and Blueberry. This strain has between 12 and 17 percent THC, which is about normal to a little above average. About 0.3 percent of the plant is CBD. 

Blue Widow flowers are green and have orange hairs. They may have a blue or purple tint. There are a lot of trichromes, which cover the flowers with crystals and make this type good for making hash. The smell is a mix of sour, pine, dirt, and ammonia, with blueberry, sugar, and pepper at the end. The smoke has a lot of flavor and makes a mark on the lungs.

Push Blue Widow gives people who use it for fun a relaxing high that stays in the head. The relatively low amount of THC makes for a nice trip, not one that gets you high or makes you feel weird. This strain will help you relax, but you’ll still be able to do your work or study. 

People who use this strain for medical reasons say it helps with things like pain, loss of hunger, and trouble sleeping. It eases headaches, cramps, and pulled muscles. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of CBD, it helps chemotherapy patients feel better after treatment by getting rid of sickness. Patients may like this strain if they want to get some mild relief from their symptoms while staying awake and aware.

Blue Widow plants have a high output and a lot of trichromes. At first, the flower buds grow slowly. Then, one day, the orange hairs grow like crazy. They cover the blue, dense groups of buds and try to get the same attention as the trichromes. The buds may get a lot of purple and blue color, which is a good sign. The leaves of a fan can turn a dark purple color with black and yellow.

Depending on the temperature, the plant’s colors may change a lot when it’s outside. It may show muted, warmer fall colors like orange and red, then change to cooler colors like purple and blue. 

Buy weed online even if you’ve never tried push blue widow before. You should give it a try.


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