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Moonrocks (peach) are nugs of cannabis flower, made up of variety of pot products and rolled into one very potent nug like hush oil and smoked. Moon rocks are high in THC, more than 50% on average. Their efficacy is the primary factor in their high value. Moreover, cannabis caviar is a common name for them.
For reference, most flower average products are around 20% THC.

Peaches & Cream is the most widely popular Moonrock. Moonrock is an OG bud that has been coated in honey oil with kief dust. With all-natural flavoring, this perfect little treat has a smell and taste that will make your mouth water. In addition, the best way to smoke it is in a bong or pipe, where it will burn slowly and leave a nice white ash.

Each one has 1.1 grams of kief plus more. THC Level: 51-60%

We suggest that you don’t use your grinder to make Peaches & Cream Moon Rocks because you could lose a lot of kief. Furthermore, tear the moonrock into small pieces and smoke them in a pipe or bong for the best smoke and taste.

But you can light it whatever you like. If you roll it yourself, don’t use a grinder; instead, use scissors. All of it is indica, and it has many different tastes. It also lasts much longer than a normal gram of marijuana.

Medical Uses

Moon Rocks are good at easing pain, making you hungry, and making you feel less sick. Moreover, the product also has a CBD level of 0.15%, which can help with pain and nervousness.

How to light up

The best way to smoke this Moon rock is in a bong or pipe. It will make you feel like you can fly.

Buy weed online and have fun going to and coming back from the moon. You can go “To the Moon!!!” with these Moon rocks.


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