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MOONROCKS (OG Kush) type is a popular type of marijuana that is famous for its strong effects and strong smell. It usually tastes like a strong mix of pine, earth, and lemon. The buds are thick and covered in resinous glands called trichomes that hold cannabinoids and terpenes. Also it is made up of three main parts: high-quality OG Kush marijuana buds, THC extract or oil, and kief.


MOONROCKS OG KUSH Online typically works best for people who have experienced weed before and know how strong it is. The results can be very strong, making people feel very happy, at ease and sleepy. It’s best to use Moonrocks carefully and start with a small amount to see how much you can handle before taking more.

How does MOONROCKS (OG KUSH) look and taste?

The smell of Moon Rocks (OG Kush) is strong and pungent. It usually has a mix of earthy, piney, and citrusy tastes. Further, the smell can be strong and easy to recognize, with a unique mix of floral and green notes.

Moreover, Moonrock OG FOR SALE tends to taste rich and challenging. The taste profile can be a little different from one batch or strain to the next. But there are some things that most tastes have in common:


Moonrocks (OG Kush) often tastes like dirt or wood because it has a deep, earthy flavor.


Many people say they can taste bits of citrus, like lemon or orange, which gives the drink a zesty tang.


Pine tastes, which are also has link with OG Kush, can add a pleasant, resinous quality to the smoke.


Some people taste subtle hints of pepper or spice that make the general flavor a bit warmer.

How does it make you feel? 

How OG Kush makes you feel 5 grams of Moon Rocks can be very strong and have a big effect on how you feel. 

  • Extreme happiness
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Slowing down and falling asleep
  • Better senses
  • An increase in appetite


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