Martian Candy OG – Private Reserve

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Martian Candy OG – Private Reserve
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The Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain known as “Martian Candy” or “Martian Candy OG” has a greatly pleasant aroma. This pressure smells strongly of flowers and has a little bit of eucalyptus in it. It leans close to the frame and, after the first puff, makes the eyes smaller right away. Its strong frame buzz builds up slowly, making the limbs more and more relaxed until they feel sleepy. People who are sick from worry, anxiety, PTSD, or sickness can benefit from eating Martian Candy.

The distinctive flowers of the Martian candy strain range between medium and large in size and grow in clusters that are nearly spherical in outline. With their leaves tightly wrapped around their main stems, these flowers are a great example of the classic indica bud shape. The leaves have patterns with darker and lighter greens, while orange pistils snake their way through the foliage. Last but not least, each bud of the martian candy strain is covered in a thick layer of trichomes, which makes it look frosty and feel sticky.

When it is ready, the martian candy strain smells very strongly of mostly sweet flowers. Many report smelling eucalyptus in the herbal aroma of the buds. When these solid buds are ground up, they smell like hash and patchouli, which could mean that this type is related to OG Kush. This type of marijuana makes smoke that is easy on the lungs and tastes good. This thick smoke has a woody and slightly spicy finish.

Common Effects

  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Sleepy


  • Headache
  • Depressed
  • Insomnia

Most indica effects, like those of the martian candy strain, happen quickly. Some people who start smoking report a different view of their surroundings and greater awareness of their own bodies. This can make you feel surreal, like time is moving more slowly, or like certain sights or sounds are getting louder. This line of thinking is perfect for settling into a comfortable spot with some pensive tunes and giving yourself time to reflect. In addition to these mental effects, martian candy strain gives you a strong physical buzz.

As a result it makes you feel relaxed from the back of your neck to your toes. Deep breathing may become less of a challenge, and stress in your muscles may ease.

Buy weed online even if you’ve never tried martian candy strain before, you should give it a try. Furthermore, this is good if you want something that smells strongly of flowers and has a little bit of eucalyptus in it.

Martian Candy OG – Private Reserve

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Gram/s, Eighth/s(3.5 Grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Ounce/s(28 Grams), 2 oz (56g), 4 oz (113g), Half pound (226g), 1 Pound

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