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MAC 1 strain is relatively moderate with an average of 17% THC. It has an average of 17% THC which makes it ideal for all types of users. Nugs have mint green coloring coated with sticky resin and white trichomes. The flavor tastes with a certain combination of sour citrus, spicy earth, and a touch of sweetness. But the smell of it contrasted to its taste. So if you want to perish all your worries and allow your body to feel the relaxation mood. Then this strain is perfect for you. As the social skills of yours will boost, that serves as the recreational treatment for both body and mind.

According to reports, the 23% THC content in MAC 1 makes her much more potent than her forerunner. There is a rumor that some dispensaries have types on their shelves that go up to 30%.

The trichomes on the nugs are so thick that you can barely see the green and purple colors underneath. The sour diesel flavor of MAC 1 is bold and prominent, with hints of citrus and spicy herbs rounding out the flavor profile.

Just think of MAC 1 as MAC’s updated version if you’re familiar with her. Users say that this strain has strong effects on both the mind and the body, making it a good choice for a late afternoon or early evening smoke. At first, many people say that their experience is very happy. This is since just a few hits are said to put people in the best mood they’ve been in for a long time. Some people might be more creative and focused for a short time. But the indica side of her will always take over. MAC 1 could make you feel physically relaxed, or it could make you want to stay on the couch until you fall asleep.

This strain is a very well-balanced mix, which makes her a great choice for people who use marijuana for medical purposes. With her brain boost, you’re likely to feel less depressed and anxious. Also if you have physical pain like headaches, muscle problems, or joint pain, a few puffs could make you feel better for hours. For those who have trouble eating when high, MAC 1 is a good option. Because it often induces a strong craving for food during the comedown.

Buy weed online even if you’ve never tried MAC 1 strain before. You should give it a try.

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