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Lemon OG strain has sticky buds. The plant has trichomes that are either white or orange. It tastes and looks like a lemon. Like most cannabis types, it can’t help with serious conditions like seizures. It has a lot of CBD, which can reduce inflammation, ease pain, and calm you down. But some of the drugs used in medicine have calming effects that help with hunger and stress. A person with depression or bipolar disease went through chemotherapy. It can make you feel better and make you want to eat. This strain has clear smoke that makes you feel calm, creative, and uplifted. At first, the attention makes the pain worse, but later, it takes away the pain.

Lemon OG is a 60 percent indica, 40 percent sativa hybrid strain of marijuana. It is also known as Presidential Kush or Lemon OG Kush. Because of its ancestry in the Kush family tree, this strain may take on a skunky or diesely aroma. The level of THC is between 17 and 24 percent, and the level of CBD is very low at 0.13 percent.

Most of all, though, Lemon OG is grown so that it smells and tastes like lemons. It is the most lemony of the crosses being available, and since people like the taste of lemon, you can expect the strain to taste more like lemon and less like kush, skunk, or diesel. This will happen as the strain gets more limonene and less like kush.

Lemon OG might look yellow or a lighter shade of green than other breeds. The buds are sticky, and the plant’s parts, or it is trichomes, are white or orange.

People who use it for fun love how quickly it makes them feel high. Some people say that the smoke is clear and that the strain makes them feel calm, artistic, and ready to go out and do something. One person said it was a good way to spend the middle of the day. At first, it helped him focus, and later, it made his pain go away.

Buy weed online even if you’ve never tried lemon og strain before. You should give it a try. As such, if you want something that makes you feel high, this one’s for you.

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