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The Peaky Blinders show, which is made up, told the story of how this Billy Kimber OG came to be. And it is a type of OG Kush. And this phenotype came from Garrison Lane in California. Because of how it makes people feel, this type of heavy Indica is very popular. This makes you feel so heavy in the body that you might want to sink down into your chair. It makes people feel less happy and lessens long-term pain.

The dark and light green buds make the bud look like ice. Billy Kimber has a smell that is like pine, chemicals, and gas. Since THC is high and CBD is low, it’s best for experts in this field to use it. This substance helps people sleep better and feel less pain. This type of Indica is grown indoors by experts.

2 reviews for Billy Kimber OG – Connoisseur

  1. Trisia (verified owner)

    Love it… A little bit slow on delivery but worth to wait.

  2. Miles (verified owner)

    I got this products for a 40% OFF discount and its worth it… Thanks BuyBestBuds

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