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The origin of Billy Kimber OG was detailed in the fictional Peaky Blinders series. And it is an OG Kush strain. This genotype came from California’s Garrison Lane. This strain of strong Indica is quite popular due to the positive effects it has on the user. It makes your entire body feel like lead, making you want to sag in your seat. It makes people sadder and lowers pain in the long run.

Because the flowers are both dark and light green, they look like ice. Billy Kimber smells like gas, chemicals, and pine trees. Since THC is strong and CBD is weak, it’s best to leave it to people who know what they’re doing. People sleep better and feel less pain when they take this. Indoor cultivation is the specialty of those that cultivate this Indica strain.

The strain is very strong, with a THC amount that can go as high as 30%. Because of this, its healing effects are not only very strong, but they also last a very long time.

People with sadness, mood swings, cramps, and other painful problems that happen every day can hire Billy Kimber to kill their problems with a knife. The very sight of Billy Kimber at your table is enough to cause your insomnia to gently turn around and leave your mind.

The taste is spicy and woodsy, like taking a deep breath of flowers and trees in the open air. Like an earthy kush, Billy Kimber packs a punch yet is still easy to be around. His pleasant herbal aftertaste develops the more time you spend with him. The hefty couch-lock should make your time with Billy more pleasant, and may even allow you to get some sleep (something that insomniacs would greatly appreciate). Billy Kimber’s sky-high THC and pungent, herbal flavors make him the best in your collection, whether you’re using him to get some shut-eye or to indulge in a spa day.

Buy weed online even if you’ve never tried billy kimber OG strain before, you should give it a try. As such, if you want something that smells like gas, chemicals, and pine trees this one’s for you.

2 reviews for Billy Kimber OG – Connoisseur

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    Love it… A little bit slow on delivery but worth to wait.

  2. Miles (verified owner)

    I got this products for a 40% OFF discount and its worth it… Thanks BuyBestBuds

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