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Baby Jeeter (Fire OG) — 5 x 1gram keif pre rolls

Fire OG was created when OG Kush and SFV OG Kush were crossed. And as a result, it is a hybrid strain with an Indica dominance. This strain smells like Lemon Pledge, and its uplifting effects are strong and last a long time. Fire OG is one of the most powerful OG types. People who can handle a lot of THC love it. Fire OG gets its name from the red hairs that look like flames and give the strain its look. Most Fire OG plants bloom in 9–10 weeks.

Don’t get confused, but these joints will confuse you. High-quality indoor flower mix together with cannabis oil and covered in kief. We want to bring something strong, our best joint, to the table. This is the only Joint that will transport you to Mars faster than Elon Musk, so buy weed online now. It has with an average THC content of over 35% across all strains and sizes.

How does Baby Jeeter (Fire OG) makes you feel?

Baby Jeeter’s 5-pack of Fire OG joints is the best way to enjoy cannabis in a way that is easy, potent, and unique. These smaller versions of Jeeter’s famous pre-rolls have 0.5 grams of Fire OG flower mixed with hash made from that strain and wrapped in kief. With a few hits of a Baby Jeeter, you can enjoy the berry diesel tastes and relax your mind and body. Save the other four joints for your next smoke session.

You’ll get a rush of energy that will make you feel happy and alert. This slowly turns into a very strong couch lock, a crazy urge to eat, and total and complete sleep. As the high wears off, you’ll fall asleep easily and deeply. Due to its strong effects, Fire OG is the best strain for helping people with chronic pain from an accident or illness. It also helps stress, mild to moderate depression.  Moreover, cure your sleep problems like insomnia and night terrors.

Fire OG buds smell and taste like sweet burning pine and have a strong, earthy taste with a hint of kush. This flower has light, airy, bright green nugs in a covering of icy white trichomes, and is in long, thin, flaming orange hairs and deep purple overtones.

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