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AK-47 Weed Strain – AK-47 belongs to the dominant strain mixes of sativa which significantly combines the different varieties from Thailand, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Mexico. This sativa is very ideal for those who look forward to some relaxation and mellow mood. The remarkable blend of AK-47 consistently brings out impressive flavors and satisfying effects. Specifically, AK-47 could steadily bring out a long-lasting buzz that is very helpful to those who need to keep mentally alert.

AK-47 is one of the most popular types of marijuana in the world. Almost no one who smokes or grows weed doesn’t know about this famous strain. Simon from Serious Seeds made the AK-47 strain we know today, which is mostly comprising of sativa. Its roots go back a lot further, to the 1970s, when it was possibly a mix of Thai and Afghani.

In 1999, AK-47 was mixed with another strain to make its seeds more uniform.

Some people might wonder where the name “AK-47” came from. The strain’s name inspiration is after the famous Russian Kalashnikov weapon, but not because it is a “violent” strain. Even though it is a very strong high, it has a balance effects. The type got this name because some people who haven’t smoked much before can pass out after just one hit. So, Simon calls this type “One Hit Wonder” because it only got one big hit.

AK-47 is one of the cannabis breeds that has won the most awards in history. It has won a lot of Cannabis Cup awards because it has more than 20% THC. It’s on many “Top Cannabis Strains” lists as the type that every grower and smoker must try at least once.


AK-47 grows dark, very juicy, and tight buds that smell like spicy skunk. You can smell bits of pine, sandalwood, and some lighter citrus notes. Her smoke tastes like a mix of citrus and skunk. It is bold, strong, and pleasant.

Even though AK-47 is a very strong drug, it has a soothing and calming effect.

AK-47 gives you a steady buzz that lasts for a long time and keeps your mind active and involved in creative or social activities. It has a well-balanced high that can both calm and wake you up.

This strain can help with worry, anxiety, depression, and pain that doesn’t go away. It’s not the “one-hit wonder” for nothing. It can give a very strong high, so people who haven’t tried it before should take it easy the first time when they buy weed online.

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