Private Reserve Strain: What you should know about 

Private Reserve Strain: What you should know about 

Private Reserve Strain is strong and a great example of the OG Kush family as a whole. The private reserve strain might help you calm down and put you to sleep.

When it comes to marijuana, the letters “OG” can mean more than one thing. Some popular examples of the alphabet’s use in strain naming are “Original Gangster” and “Ocean Grown.” This is especially true if it comes from a “classic” strain like private reserve strain, which is a descendant of OG Kush.

Let’s find out why everyone is so excited about this private reserve strain, which has received multiple prizes, including two Cannabis Cups, in 2009 and 2010.

What is the private reserve strain?

OG #18 or private reserve strain is a type of OG Kush that comes from DNA Genetics. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is also called “Private Reserve.” It gives you a strong head high right away and could help you let go of fears and doubts.

Soon, the body high takes over, and the strain starts to make you feel sleepy. Some people say they feel happy and clear-headed, but they don’t feel like moving around! Please keep in mind that the effects of private reserve strain could last for a few hours. You may also feel like you want to eat more.


As private reserve strain grows, OG #18 gives off a strong smell that gets stronger as it gets closer to flowering. Besides a strong diesel smell, you might also smell something earthy and maybe even a little citrus.


The first thing you’ll notice when you smoke private reserve strain is a burst of diesel flavor. The fuel and pine flavors typical of Kush strains will be immediately recognizable. When you taste OG #18, you might not detect any citrus flavors as you do when you smell OG #18.


Most of the time, private reserve strain buds are dense, thick, and sticky. The stickiness comes from the white trichomes that are all over the plant. There are also a lot of orange pistils, which give the flower an overall pleasing look.


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