Martian Candy Strain: Get to know your favorite strain! 

Martian Candy Strain: Get to know your favorite strain! 

When it comes to effects, the strain popular as “Martian Candy strain,” sometimes known as “Martian Candy OG,” goes toward indica. This strange bud comes from a mysterious place. Its exact genetic lineage and original breeders are unknown, but it is thought to be related to Og Kush. Nonetheless, the sedative effects of Martian Candy cannot be denied, and even expert cannabis users may find themselves knocked out cold by its effects. This strain has a THC concentration of between 16% and 21%.

Martian candy strain stands out because it has flowers that are medium to large and stick together in a shape that is almost round. These flowers are a superb example of the classic indica bud shape, with their leaves firmly coiled around their primary stems. The leaves have a splotchy pattern of dark green and lighter green, with orange pistils winding their way through them. Last but not least, a thick layer of trichomes covers each bloom of martian candy strain. This giving it a frosty appearance and a sticky feel.

When it’s ready, martian candy strain has a strong smell of mostly sweet flowers. The buds also smell like herbs, and many people say they can smell eucalyptus. When you grind up these solid buds, they give off a hashy, patchouli-like smell. This could mean that this strain is related to OG Kush. This strain produces smoke that is both easy on the lungs and the taste buds. The aftertaste of this thick smoke is woody and faintly spicy.

Common Effects

  • Calm
  • Sleepy
  • Happy


  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Depressed

Indica effects like those of martian candy strain tend to kick in soon. At first, smokers may feel more aware of their bodies and may have a different sense of what’s going on around them. This feeling can be psychedelic, time can seem to move more slowly, and certain sights or sounds can become stronger. This way of thinking is a good reason to relax in a cozy place and listen to some moody music.

In addition to these mental effects, the intense physical buzz that martian candy strain provides spreads relaxation from the back of the neck all the way to the toes. It might be easier to take deep breaths, and any muscle tension might start to go away.

Martian Candy strain: How does it work? What does it do to you?

The mental effects of Martian Candy are not good for getting work done, as people who eat it are much more likely to feel fuzzy and scattered than focused. As a matter of fact, this is the kind of thing that can easily derail a hectic schedule. And isn’t even a burden for getting through a work load. Instead, enjoy this fragrant bud in the company of people who share your interest in chilling out and taking it easy.

Those who smoke Martian Candy may have irreversible couchlock under the correct conditions (or if the dosage is raised). If you’re a customer at this stage, you can feel like a martian in your own home as you fade into the background while the outside world recedes. Because it makes you feel sleepy, this type is best to drink at night.

The soothing effects of Martian Candy can help medical cannabis patients in many ways. It can make aches and pains less painful. Whether they are caused by an injury or are more long-term, like those caused by fibromyalgia or arthritis. The strain may also have anti-inflammatory properties that make headaches and nausea less bothersome. From a psychological point of view, Martian Candy may temporarily relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms.

Its almost-drug-like effects can even help people who can’t sleep fall into a deep, healing sleep. Because this bud is less likely to cause intense and looping thoughts. It is a good choice for people who are prone to panic or paranoia or who can’t handle THC very well.


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