How to Have Fun with Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamond

How to Have Fun with Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamond

Here at last is the purest, most potent concentrate available, and we call it jeeter juice liquid diamond. They are as pure as oil and as concentrated as diamonds in THCA. Our Liquid Diamond vape has an amazing taste and a very strong effect. Even though not all diamonds last forever, you’ll wish these did.

The game of making cannabis concentrates is always getting better. Since the cannabis industry is constantly evolving, so are our goods, and we expect you might be curious to learn about one of the most exciting new developments: jeeter juice liquid diamonds.

How do they make jeeter juice liquid diamond?

You need to know how they make live resin, before you can figure out how they make jeeter juice liquid diamond:

In the case of cannabis, “live resin” is a concentrate from freshly freeze out plants. Processing the plants while they are still alive means that they are free of any heat curing or treatment and also retain more of the plant’s authentic character. This means that the bright, bold terpene expression makes the taste, smell, and unique entourage experience of the strain even better. You can freeze these trichomes while the plant remains fresh by flash-freezing it with liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are taken out of cannabis oil with a solvent, usually butane. The method of creating live resin involves flash-freezing the plant while it is still alive. The process of extracting can start while the plants are still alive, but they must first be frozen.

The diamonds grow because of the crystallization process that happens right after the butane is out. A minimal amount of solvent is continues to remain in the extract. Also, it is left out for at least 48 hours to evaporate. This makes a supersaturated sauce fraction, which makes the THCa crystallize on its own.

How to Have Fun with Liquid Diamonds

  • Jeeter Juice Liquid  Diamonds Vape Cart makes it even better to vape a specific strain. In strains like Gelato, Strawberry ShortCake, you can taste both the flavorful terpenes from sun-grown plants and the flavorful terpenes from botanicals.
  • They are also suitable for use in e-rigs and other glass accessories, or for dabbing on their own.
  • You can also experience a transformation into consumables by way of decarboxylation.


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