Everything About Rolex OG Strain

Everything About Rolex OG Strain

Rolex og type of cannabis takes your mind and body on a trip that makes you feel good and makes you want to hug your favorite pillow at the end when you buy weed online. Higher amounts can make it even more relaxing, making it the best thing to drink before bed.

After breeders traveled across the United States in search of the highest-quality medical marijuana, they returned to the lab and created the rolex og. This cannabis strain provides an exceptional sense of quiet and peace, making it ideal for relieving stress.

The effects of Rolex strain

With 23% THC, the Rolex OG strain will give you a full-body and full-mind sensation. This indica-dominant strain gives you a head high right away that makes you feel good.

When you can put all your energy into one thing, your thoughts become clear and easy to understand. You can also expect that the Rolex strain will make you more creative and help you think outside the box.

As you come down from your high, a soothing sensation wraps itself throughout your body. When you finally get to sit back on your plush couch and unwind, nothing else matters.

Grab a few snacks before you smoke the rolex og type of marijuana, because it makes you very hungry. When you’re done eating, all that’s left to do is close your eyes and go to sleep, where you can rest in peace.

Don’t let the beauty of these buds fool you. They have a lot of THC, which can make you feel very high if you take too much. Beginners should try to smoke as little as possible so they don’t get paranoid and stressed.

Rolex strain tastes

When you break open the pretty buds of the rolex og, the room fills with a strong, earthy smell. This smell is unlike any other because it has a unique combination of skunk, pine, and cheese.

When you smoke the rolex og, you can taste the tang of cheese and a mix of apples and berries. The thick, creamy smoke leaves your lungs with a spicy aftertaste that lingers until your next hit.

When you buy marijuana such as the Rolex og contains a diverse terpene composition, although myrcene is the most abundant. This smelly chemical is often found in lemongrass and mangos, as well as in some types of weed.

Studies show that myrcene has healing effects that add to the rolex og’s pain-relieving effects.

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