Check Quality When You Buy Marijuana Online

Nobody wants to smoke bad marijuana when they buy marijuana online. Compared to the good stuff, it’s rough, makes you cough, and doesn’t do much. It’s easier than ever to find high-quality buds, but you can also find some real stinkers.

You don’t have to worry about wasting your time and money on low-quality cannabis. Our marijuana evaluation guide shows you the most important things to consider before smoking, vaping, or eating cannabis.

How to find high-quality when you buy marijuana online

There are a lot of things that determine whether cannabis is “top-shelf” (also called “dank,” “fire,” or “loud”) or “schwag,” “brick weed,” or “dirt weed” (low-quality). From how sticky it is to how it smells, here’s how to find the best pot:

When possible, buy from dispensaries.

You can get a good product if you only buy certified tested weed from reputable dispensaries. Buying from private “dealers” is always a bit of a risk for your health and your legal situation. But even in the best dispensaries, the quality of the marijuana can and does vary. These shops try to meet customers’ needs with different budgets.

Most dispensaries make it easy to tell the good stuff from the bad. The “top shelf” products will be on the top shelf, the “middle shelf” products will be on the middle shelf, and the “economy shelf” products will be on the bottom shelf. Even the cheapest weed at a good dispensary should still be pretty good. But it would help if you always went for the best weed you can afford. If you want to try a new strain or dispensary, do some research on the strain and ask the budtender what you can expect in terms of smell, taste, and “high” or other effects. This way, you can be sure that when you try it, everything fits together.

Moving on to the Qualities of Marijuana to keep in mind.

How to Determine the Quality of Marijuana


Different types of cannabis smell different. Usually, the smell of cannabis flowers is very strong. Depending on the terpene profile, cannabis strains can smell earthy, herbal, citrusy, sweet, skunky, fruity, like fuel, and more. In general, cannabis buds should have a pleasant smell.

If your weed doesn’t smell or smell like hay or grass, it wasn’t grown or stored correctly. Cannabis that has been properly cured has been dried in a controlled environment and cured to bring out the plant’s natural smell. If it doesn’t smell good, it’s not good weed.


Cannabis, like any other plant, has chlorophyll and other pigments that make the buds green and sometimes purple, blue, pink, and other bright colors. A healthy cannabis plant will also have pistil hairs that are orange, red, or brown.

But if your buds are yellow, brown, or white, they are too dry, old, or have mold. For example, a cannabis flower that has turned white from being too close to bright lights could have gotten a light burn.


How a marijuana bud looks can tell you a lot about how it was grown and stored. Indica buds are usually small and tight, while Sativa buds are usually big and fluffy. When buds are grown wrong, they might be too small, soft, hard, or have too many stems.


Trimmers must remove any extra leaves and stems when harvesting for the buds to look good in a bag. Some trimming machines can make buds that look the same but have many trichomes cut off. Because of this, many people who make cannabis use a machine to trim and finish the job by hand.

If there are too many leaves or stems, it could mean that the tree needed to be trimmed better. When harvesting, taking shortcuts can ruin months of hard work. For example, storing buds with no climate control can cause them to dry out or grow mold.


How well cannabis works as a medicine depends on how many trichomes are on it and how old it is. Trichomes are resinous glands that grow mostly on buds and change color from clear to milky white to amber as the harvest season ends. Most of a plant’s trichomes will turn yellow when it is ready to be picked.

When buying cannabis, trichome density is one of the most important things to consider. What is the number of trichomes in the bud? You can better look at the color with a jeweler’s loupe or a magnifying glass. If the trichomes on your buds are clear or mostly white, you picked them too early.

Traits of Hermaphrodites

Only female cannabis plants can make flowers. The pollen sacs on the male plants can be used to make the female plants have babies. But hermaphroditic traits can show up in females if they are under a lot of stress for a long time or if they have the genes for it. Stress can include photoperiod changes, temperature fluctuations, late harvest, pesticides, pests, etc.

Female plants can make both female and male flowers when they are under a lot of stress. Getting hermaphroditic traits isn’t the best thing to do because it can hurt the yield and potency of the plant. If your female plant starts to grow male reproductive organs, it will have less energy to put toward growing buds and leaves.


Mold is one of the most dangerous when growing cannabis and can destroy the whole crop. It can look like white powdery mildew, which is different from gray fuzz or trichomes. It can also have a musty or grassy smell.

Moldy hyphae, the thin filaments that make up a branching structure, are easy to spot with a cheap microscope or black light. For example, mold can look bright green under a black light.

Moldy weeds can make it harder to breathe and hurt people who already have weak immune systems. We suggest you keep your cannabis in a dry, cool, and dark place to keep it from getting too humid. A humidity pack inside the jar can also control the level of humidity to a very specific degree.

Where to buy marijuana online?

If you’re looking for an online dispensary that sells high-quality weeds online, you’ve come to the right place! Some of our best sellers include Koolato, Sour Diesel Strain, Heavy hitter (northern light), and Big Chief Thc Cartridge 1G- Blue Dreams. You can pick from many weeds, depending on what you want. Go shopping now!


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