Can You Buy Weed Online Today Legally?

This article will tell you which states you can buy weed online and have them, and which don’t. Hopefully, it will give you the confidence to order great weed for sale online knowing exactly what you’re doing.

So, can you really buy weeds for sale online? We wish we could just say yes or no, but the truth is that it’s a little more complicated than that. Since cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug, any product or the plant itself that has more than 3% THC is against the law. Things are very different from one state to the next. We think it’s important to divide this section into two parts: states where cannabis is legal and states where it is still illegal.


States Where Weed Is Illegal

If you live in a state where weed for sale is illegal, the short answer to “Can I buy weed online?” is still “no”. “The federal government still considers cannabis a Schedule 1 drug, which puts it in the same category as cocaine and heroin.

This makes it hard to get cannabis legally unless a bill to legalize it at the state level passes.

This means that even if you lived near the border of a state where selling weed for recreational use is legal, like Pennsylvania is to New Jersey and New York, you couldn’t buy weed online and have it shipped to you without breaking a very serious federal law.

Simply put, if your state doesn’t have any laws about recreational or medical cannabis, you can’t buy weed for sale online without getting in serious trouble with the law.


States where using weed is legal

Possibly, if you live in a state where marijuana is legal. By 2023, adults will be able to use cannabis for fun in 18 states. If you live in one of these states and delivery services are legal where you live or in your state. it is likely that you can legally buy weed for sale online.

But it’s important to keep in mind that most of these purchases won’t be fully paid for online. Because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, many state-legal dispensaries and cannabis businesses can’t use banks. Because there aren’t many banks, most dispensaries and cannabis businesses can only accept cash. This means that you’ll still need to exchange cash in person for most purchases.


Are Weed Delivery Services Legal?

Even though it may still be illegal to ship cannabis across state lines. There are many legal ways to get weed delivered within the borders of some states. In states where it is legal for delivery services to work, people can have goods brought right to their door.

Even though not all 50 states have delivery services yet, a few of our proud states do have this option. People who have a medical cannabis card from Arizona, California, or New York can get their cannabis delivered. People over 21 who live in California can also get marijuana delivered to use for fun. In New York, however, only certain products can be delivered. Colorado just passed a law that will make it possible to deliver both recreational and medical marijuana starting in 2020.

Consumers need to be on the lookout for reputable delivery services, as this is a relatively recent and rapidly expanding industry trend. On the other hand, COVID-19 makes it substantially simpler for individuals to place an order for marijuana online or to have it delivered to their homes.

Many states thought that dispensaries were essential businesses. Which meant that they could open and deliver when almost no other businesses could. Order ahead of time at your local dispensary. Even if you can’t get green delivered right to your door. Many dispensaries offer a service where you can order ahead of time.

You can check the store’s stock, look around, and place orders to be picked up later using different online services. So, when you go to a dispensary next, skip the lines and place your order in advance.


Spotting A Weed Scammer

If you’re one of the millions of people who look at cannabis-related Instagram pages, you’ve probably seen scammers trying to sell cannabis in the comment sections of popular pages.

An account will post pictures of weed for sale and then offer to ship it anywhere in the world for a very low price. It can be confusing because the account will have a phone number you can call to place an order. But these numbers are temporary. An app called a “burner” made them. This means that after they use the number, they can throw it away.

The person who has the account will then use this “burner number” to make a deal with the next person they want to scam. After the victim gives the dealer money, they stop talking and are never seen or heard from again. The buyer has nothing left but an empty wallet.

Even though it might be tempting to order cannabis online, you should only do so from trusted, legal services.


Tips On How to Buy Weed Online

  1. Don’t buy weed from social media accounts that you can’t check out. In fact, you should never buy weed on social media, full stop.
  2. Don’t send or get cannabis from another state.
  3. Make order weed from your favorite dispensary online ahead of time
  4. You SHOULD keep an eye out for legitimate marijuana delivery businesses, especially if you live in Colorado.
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The first thing you should do before buying weed is to find a product that works for you. Whether you want to use it for medical or recreational purposes.

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