Buy weed online: Identifying Moldy Weed

Moldy weed when you buy weed online is one of the things a grower is most afraid of. It can happen to anyone, at any time, and can quickly ruin a harvest that would have been beautiful otherwise. A trustworthy grower and weeds online shop would never sell moldy weed, but a funky fungus can grow on even the most perfectly dried buds.

How does weed get moldy, and what happens when you smoke it? Read on to find out what moldy weed for sale looks like and how to avoid it.

How Does Marijuana Get Moldy?

Mold is a fungus that can grow on both outdoor and indoor plants, which can hurt cannabis harvests in a wide range of climates and settings. It is more likely to grow in a grow site when it is wet, and the plants are not stored properly. It can grow quickly on a living plant in a humid environment, and it can also be seen on buds that have been cut off.

What Does Moldy Weed Look Like

If you’ve never thought about moldy weed before, you might be wondering: what does it look like? If you don’t know what online cannabis looks like, it can be hard to spot at first. High-quality buds usually have trichomes, which are the shiny crystals on cannabis plants that give each strain its own smell. Mold, on the other hand, is not shiny like glitter and can look different depending on what kind it is. 

There are three main types of molds that harm cannabis, and these are:

  • Mildew powder: Buds affected by powdery mildew have powdery-looking, grayish-white leaves and blossoms. It looks like the buds have been dusted with flour.
  • Botrytis (bud rot): Weed with bud rot starts to turn gray or brown inside the bud. When you squeeze the buds, they may fall apart in your hands.
  • Black mold: This mold makes the weed’s leaves look like soot was sprinkled on them. The leaves of the fan will get small dark black spots. Sooty mold is a sign of a very bad bug problem, even though it is a fungus.

How to Tell if Weed Has Mold

Look for the things that you can see. Mold is likely to be any kind of white powder, black spots, or dark grayish fuzzy chunks. In case you aren’t sure, there are a few other ways to find moldy weed in addition to what you can see with your naked eye. There is one aroma that stands out and can be identified with relative ease. Mold gives off an odor similar to that of a large pile of damp towels that haven’t been washed in a very long time.

If you can’t see or smell the mold right away, you might be able to tell by how it tastes.

How does rotten weed taste?

You probably won’t smoke or buy weed that has molds, but if you take a hit of something weird that doesn’t taste like a strain you know, it could be mold. Mold tastes different from the usual flavors of cannabis. The best way to avoid buying weed online is to buy it from a trusted online dispensary that only sells clean, organic online cannabis.

What does moldy weed taste like?

Well, it tastes like mold, plain and simple. For instance, the blue veins in a slice of bleu cheese are actually mold. Don’t worry, the mold is safe to eat in this situation. That musty taste stands out.

If something smells like sweat or urine, it might be moldy. This smell might come out of the bud if it is burned.

What Happens if You Smoke a Moldy Pot?

No one on purpose orders a cannabis online that has mildew on it. Still, you might not notice the signs before you pack a bowl of bad bud. So, is it okay to smoke or buy marijuana online that has molds? Can it kill you?

Mycotoxins, which are extremely hazardous chemicals, may be found in mold spores. Inhaling these substances can make people unwell, particularly those whose immune systems are already compromised. Mycotoxins, such as those produced by aspergillus, are lethal. Additionally, the impacts on the sinuses and lungs induce inflammation, which makes the situation much more difficult to deal with. If you smoke tobacco, you run the risk of developing severe coughing, wheezing, rhinitis, and sneezing, in addition to other lung problems.

If you smoke moldy weed for a long time or a lot, your lungs can build up scar tissue, which can lead to pulmonary fibrosis. Since this is the case, it’s best not to smoke moldy weed or buy a marijuana that has molds at all costs.

Best Ways to Avoid Moldy Weed For Sale

The best way to keep weed from getting moldy is to buy it from good online cannabis stores and store it in the right way. The best choice is to use airtight, resealable glass jars. When you aren’t using the jars, keep them in a cool, dark place where the temperature won’t go above 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

You don’t need to put jars in the fridge or freezer, despite what you may have heard. Mold can grow faster when there is more moisture around. Keep them out of direct sunlight and instead put them in a drawer or dark cabinet.

The best humidity level is between 59 and 63%. If the level of moisture goes up any more, mold of all kinds will start to grow. If you live in a humid area, a humidity pack can help you a lot. Put one in the container and change it every two months to keep your herb dry.

If you want to be extra careful about finding mold, check your weed for it before you smoke it with a small magnifying glass.

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