Buy Weed Online: How cold can weeds survive?

It’s not a secret that plants like cannabis when you buy weed online are affected by the weather.

Some plants have no leaves at all in the winter, while others have leaves that have frozen.

If you grow cheap weed online in a place with harsh winters, you might be curious about the lowest temperature a weed plant can survive in.

What we know is as follows.


Can Weeds Grow in Cold Weather?

Even though weed farms were once only found in tropical areas.

Some of them can survive in colder climates.

But you need to know what temperature is too cold for the plant and choose the right weeds since not all of them do well in colder weather.

Royal Queen Seeds says, “Look for strains whose genes come from cooler parts of the world.” 

For example, Indica-dominant strains and landrace varieties from mountainous areas of Asia do much better in cooler weather than in Sativas.

Also, Royal Queen Seeds suggests getting seeds that bloom on their own.

Auto flowering seeds will start to produce flowers when the plant reaches a certain size or other milestones.

So, autoflowering plants are ready to be picked after about two months.

Some online cannabis can grow in cold weather, but that doesn’t mean they can grow in all cold temperatures.

In fact, Alchimia says that weed plants with a mean temperature of less than 12oC are likely to die.

So, the lowest temperature an online weed plant can live in is somewhere below 12 degrees Celsius.

The Seedsman, on the other hand, says that metabolism and growth stop if the root temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius.

Even before the cold kills the weed plant, it can do damage.

The cold, according to Alchimia and Royal Queen Seeds, can:

  • Slow down how fast the plant works.
  • The metabolism will slow down until it stops as the temperature drops.
  • Stop the biochemical and enzyme processes that are necessary for healthy growth.
  • Harm the root system and make it harder for the plant to take in nutrients like magnesium.
  • Result in small buds
  • Make the plant grow mold.
  • It Causes hermaphroditism, which causes self-pollination and lower yields.


Can Weed Make It Through a Frost?

Most likely not. Plants can die in cold weather.

Royal Queen Seeds says, “We don’t recommend buying cannabis online outside in the winter unless you live in a place with very mild winters and low rainfall.

You’ll usually end up with sick plants or bad harvests.”

But they say you should protect your plant from rain and snow and use a heat mat to keep the soil temperature at about 12 degrees Celsius.

You can also force flowers to grow outside.

Royal Queen Seeds says, “The easiest way to do this is to cover the plants during their new “nighttime” hours with something that blocks out light, like a tarp.

This will make them think that the seasons are changing, and they’ll jump right into the flowering phase.

But if you already have ordered marijuana online, you can plant weed outside and want to move them for the winter without lowering your yield; you can!

But you have to be careful when bringing plants inside.

Royal Queen Seeds says that the hours of daylight and the temperature inside should be the same.

If the plant already has flowers on it, you need to be even more careful when bringing it inside.

“They’ll be pleased if you enable it to be lighter than it has been outside.

They may go back into their vegetative cycle,” says Royal Queen Seeds.

This is called revegetation, and it puts the plant under a lot of stress.

In the end, if you live in a place where winters are cold, it’s best to grow your plants inside.

You can also better control humidity, light, and other factors to grow your ideal marijuana plant. 

A greenhouse is another good choice.

Buy weed online: How to Tell if Your Pot Plant is Too Cold

You’re just one of many who want to know if your pot plant is too cold.

Jackson and Perkins say to look for the following signs in any plant:

  • Leaves that are yellow, wilted, or falling over
  • The plant gets soft.
  • The plant goes black
  • Loose roots


What are the best strains of weed to grow when it’s cold?

You can always ask the people at your local seed shop what they think are the best strains of weed for cold weather.

We did some of your research for you, though. Seedsman and Royal Queen Seeds both say:

  • Alaskan Purple Auto
  • Critical
  • Auto Northern Lights
  • Black Widow
  • Skunk XL
  • OG Kush Auto
  • Royal Dwarf
  • Auto Northern Lights


Buy weed online: Takeaway

How cold can a weed plant get before it dies?

It seems that a weed plant might not do well in temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius.

The good news is that you can save your weed plant by doing things like:

  • Moving plants indoor
  • Putting money into a greenhouse
  • Try forcing flowers.
  • Trying to keep the soil warm
  • Choosing weed seeds that can handle cold weather better

At some point, you’ll start to be more aware and in the moment. You can purchase a product from our shop, Buy Best Buds. Knowing all the details about what you read in the article means being more aware of what you are doing. If you’re wondering where you can buy weeds online, check out our shop. Some of our best sellers include Wookies, King Louis XIII, and Durban Poison.



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