When you say “concentrates” or “extracts” of cannabis, you mean “dabs” or “vaporizer pens,” when you buy cannabis online. Most people who like extracts like to dab, but there are also people who like to vape. In fact, vape pens are the second most popular thing to buy in the USA. The fifth thing is concentration.

With this information, it’s clear that dabbing or vaping cannabis extracts is a great way to get to know the plant better. Between dabs and weed pens, there are a lot of great things about this.

On a wooden table, a shopping cart full of cannabis concentrates, oils, and the plant itself rolls across.


“Cannabis concentrates” are oils made from the trichomes of the plant. From those milky white crystals come kief, live rosins, and live resins, to name a few. All of them are either concentrates with a solvent or concentrates without a solvent.


You can decide. People think that the best concentrates don’t have any solvents. This is because they are just pure trichomes that haven’t been changed in any way, like by adding or taking away chemical solvents. After that, you should choose the best cannabis concentrates based on how you want to use them.


Adding kief to your joints and blunts is a great way to make them stronger. Also, if you have a good cannabis flower grinder with a kief catcher, it’s free. If not, you can buy a gram of powdered trichomes from a nearby dispensary for a pretty low price.

Kif is a concentrated form of marijuana. To get the trichomes out of it, you stir it and scoop it out of a bowl.


If you’re dabbing, you can choose between extracts with solvents and extracts without solvents. At the end of the day, you will have to decide between live resin, hash rosin, and live rosin.

Live resin is a concentrated oil that is made by pressing the trichomes off of frozen cannabis plants with a chemical solvent like butane. Hash rosin is a concentrate that doesn’t use any solvents. To make it, ice and water are used to separate the trichomes on the plants. The trichomes are heated and put through a press to make dabs.

Flowers are heated and then crushed in a rosin press to make weed chips and an oily residue. This is straight plant rosin. It has a dot.

Hash rosin, live resin, and live rosin are all great ways to dab and experience the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of a cannabis strain. Most people who like cannabis like solventless concentrates because they think they best capture the unique chemical profile of each strain and make the best-tasting vapor.

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Live resin and rosin are also used to make vape pods and weed pens. But rosin pens aren’t really widely available yet because the market isn’t there yet. So, most vapes are made with distillate and synthetic terpenes or live resin. Weed vapes are probably what you’ll choose if you want to use cannabis oil in a way that’s easy to carry around and doesn’t smell.

On top of a pink, yellow, and green vape is a blue weed pen with cannabis concentrate in it.


Whether you dab or vape, concentrate hit hard for many reasons.


First, if we’re going to talk about concentrates, let’s start with dabs. Dabs are the little pucks of oil you see on the shelves of dispensaries or, hopefully, in the coolers of dispensaries.

When you dab, you use high heat to turn the oil into vapor. Hopefully, the vapor tastes exactly like how the plant smells. The biggest reason people like to dab is that they can taste the flavor that they smell. Well, there’s also the high you get after taking 7–10 drags from a tiny bit of extract.

Flavor is the second most important reason why people like vape pens, after how easy they are to use. Unless you’re vaping straight distillate, which doesn’t have any taste and only contains cannabinoids, your vape pens won’t work.


Dabs get you very high very quickly. It’s a different high than when you smoke cannabis flower, which makes you feel sleepy. If you’ve built up your tolerance for THC, you may find that the high you get from dabs is much cleaner and clearer, letting you keep going with your day without getting too tired.


Not only do dabs get you high faster, but they are also stronger than cannabis flower because they have more THC. Because of this, less is more when it comes to dabs, and those little gram containers can last a long time.

People love dabs because they taste great and hit hard with just a tiny bit of oil. It only takes a few minutes to feel like you’re on cloud nine.

Vape pens are usually stronger than dabs, but the high they give you doesn’t last as long. Still, a few puffs from a vape pen will definitely let you feel how strong your live resin is.

A glass jar is full of cannabis concentrate oil that is amber in color and has a lot of flavor and strength.


You can’t talk about cannabis concentrates without talking about whether you smoke or vape flower, or whether you burn or vaporize it.

Burning something makes smoke, which you then breathe in to get high. Vaporization is different because it heats plants (or oil) without burning them or making smoke. People think that vaping is a better way to use cannabis than smoking it because smoke contains carcinogens.


Last but not least, a huge benefit is that using cannabis concentrates is always less obvious than smoking flower. You can do drugs in a hotel room and be fine by the time the housekeeper comes the next morning. Using vape pens is the same way, and since they are portable, you can use them to smoke weed anywhere.

You can only smoke cannabis flowers in private or outside, and the smell will always stay in the room and on your hands and clothes.

In the end, it’s easy to see why some people like concentrates of cannabis more than flowers. Just make sure that when you buy any other type of online cannabis concentrate, you get high-quality items from the best cannabis brands like Buy Best Buds. Go shop our best seller concentrates: Diamond Madman OG, Race Fuel, and Ice Cream Cake.


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