Banana Nerds Strain: What it Does

Banana Nerds Strain: What it Does

The Banana Nerds strain is chosen after a candy that was popular with kids in the 1990s. Several strains were specifically cultivated for their sweet taste, and their names are taken from popular candies. Everyone in a group of friends should be able to enjoy the strain, no matter how much they know about it.

Not all strains are like this, though. Some strains are very strong and can be a challenge to individuals who did not yet smoke much before and first time to buy weed online.

Banana nerds strain

The banana nerds strain gets its name from a popular snack from the ’90s. This banana nerds strain extracts flavor is a mix of tropical runtz and blue slush strain, which makes it fun to vape with friends, no matter how much experience they have. But, not all strains are as mild as the banana nerds strain; some extremely strong strains can be extremely unpleasant for novice vapers.

Are banana nerds strain a hybrid or an indica?

Banana Nerds is a cross between the blue slush strain, the strawberry cough strain, and the tropical runtz strain. Our hybrid flavor has an incredibly high and tasty flavor that customers simply must experience for themselves. In order to find the ideal banana nerds strain extract flavors for your vaping needs, we suggest trying a couple of our most popular strains, like the pops rocks strain, pop rox, blue slush strain, and limoncello strain. As a hybrid with a 90/10 ratio favoring indica, the high from these strains is quite sedative. Both the tropical runtz and banana nerds strains have about 43 percent THC, which is a lot.

What the Banana Nerds Strain Does

When people use banana nerds strain disposable vapes, they feel very calm and at ease. These 2 grams of disposables help with anxiety and stress and leave you feeling very calm. There are a few tastes that can make you feel creative and full of energy. This has mostly to do with the strain that is useful to make the liquid diamonds.

Each flavor of nerds strain extracts has its own smell and fruity taste. The terpene in these extracts will help you feel better and give you energy, which is why our products are so popular and stand out.

How the Nerds strain blooms: What you need to know

Nerds only bloom for about 7 weeks, which is a very short time, so it’s not a surprise that the yields are small. This bud looks like the popular candy because it is bright green with purple highlights.

There is a light coating of trichomes and some amber hairs, but this isn’t the strongest strain available.


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