Baby Jeeter Banana Kush: Mellow high for Creativity

Baby Jeeter Banana Kush: Mellow high for Creativity

Baby Jeeter Banana Kush, originating in sunny California, is a deliciously juicy smoke that combines the genetics of two powerful parent strains to produce a cannabis variety that is both delicious and socially acceptable.

Banana Kush Strain is an Indica-dominant strain that gives you a sweet, mellow high that can help you be creative. Because of this, this strain is becoming more and more popular in the creative scene and among artists.

Banana Kush has the typical sweet, skunky taste, and it’s a great example of an OG strain. Because of how heavy it makes you feel and how happy it makes you when you buy weed online.

The aroma of this hybrid is reminiscent of freshly picked bananas, which is a promising sign of a good high to follow.


This high-quality bud is pretty strong, and first-time smokers should be careful with this strain because its effects can hit hard.

The relaxing effects of baby jeeter banana kush are of their own; you’ll find yourself daydreaming vividly and coming up with original ideas.

This strain can make you hungry and make you laugh so hard that you can’t move from your couch while you snack like you’ve never dined before.

You may expect to feel joy and satisfaction when using this mixture, with periodic bursts of pure bliss to keep you upbeat. Banana Kush is a great way to make friends because it makes you talkative and social for hours.


The distinctive aroma of baby jeeter banana kush is one of the reasons why it has become so popular. The perfume alone is distinctive, resembling ripe bananas and other sweet fruits with traces of earthy and spicy undertones.

This Kush has a strong, exotic aroma that is reminiscent of a ripe, tropical fruit basket.

Baby Jeeter Banana Kush: Flavors

Banana Kush smells like a tropical fruit basket, and it tastes the same way. When you inhale this strain, it feels creamy, and you’ll get a taste of tree fruit right away.

This strain has a very clear aftertaste of sweet bananas. This makes it a great way to end a relaxing and enjoyable smoke.

Side Effects

This strong strain can cause some side effects. But they aren’t as bad as they can be with other OG strains. Because baby jeeter banana kush often has more THC than average, it can make some people feel a little bit dizzy.

Most people who smoke baby jeeter banana kush report feeling their mouth dry out. And some also experience itchy, watery eyes. Because of how strong this strain is, you might feel a little paranoid or get a mild headache, or both, in very rare cases.


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